Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Home schooling… ready or not!

August 16th, 2010

     We decided to continue to home school this year since we had done so without too many bumps last year. In addition, placing both the boys in a Christian school would be more than a house payment, so we opted to home school 4 days a week and register them for the coolest enrichment classes for homeschoolers on Tuesdays called Timothy Ministries.  Matt got to sit through hours of “Black Friday-like” lines in order to register them last Spring since I had been working night shift and we are so thankful he did because the program offered @ First Baptist of Woodstock is unparalleled.  The boys LOVE it.  Because they were “new” students, we got all of the leftover class spaces and were delighted with the end results.  

This fall, Ryan’s schedule looks like this 1 day a week:

Science:  Exploring the Solar System (don’t all boys love space?)

God Made Music: they will actually be studying the classic composers, instruments, and learn the basic notes on the staff. 

Snips and Snails:  an all boys class teaching “boy stuff” like how to introduce yourself properly.

Geography: Around the World:  Ryan’s favorite because he’s not only a math genius, but a geography genius also.  He amazes me everyday with what he knows and has learned on his own.  He wants to learn more everyday and we are so proud of his maturity at a young age.  He grasps the Word sometimes better than Matt and I.  We love him so much!


The boys both had the same geography class at the end of the day and were very excited to “travel” to a different country each week.

Andrew’s schedule was the same day and he was to walk to each of his classes, which made Matt and I a nervous set of parents. By the second week, he had his routes through the Kindergarten hall memorized.  His classes were:

Handwriting without tears:  manuscript with mat man. 

Adventures in Children’s Literature, AKA Mrs. Nickel’s class:  reading with lots of fun activities and art projects.

Jumpstart Reading:  I am afraid he may be too advanced for this one since he’s reading on a advanced 1st grade level, but we’ll see.  That’s one of the many wonderful things about our 2nd little blessing, Andrew enjoys anything, even if it’s too easy, uninteresting, or over his head.  He enjoys the atmosphere and being treated as a big kid.  We can’t help but love him with all we have.

God again has given us so much in their short lives to be thankful for, I can’t wait for what is to come.  We marvel at the endless fountain of grace that has been poured on us, thank you again Lord!

         Getting all the pencils sharpened…


The first day of school, we just did some placement testing for math and some reading.  I was so proud that Andrew tested into 1st grade math and Ryan tested into 3rd grade math.  Considering Andrew technically would  be going into kindergarten and Ryan should be starting 1st grade.  We were afraid Ryan might miss some important foundation math knowledge so we decided to start him on Alpha Omega Publications Horizons Math in 2nd grade.  Andrew for now is learning his addition problems in numerical order.  They are both a year ahead in reading and social studies.  Wow…I hope this post doesn’t sound prideful, we are just so blessed to have two easily taught homeschoolers – that is of course if they are in the mood.  Some days take much longer to get little done, but I am sure teachers experience the same challenges. 

       First day of Timothy Ministries




                  And fun was had by all! 


Monday, November 29, 2010

Andrew’s first post

    i   am     andrew. i                                 like                                                        football

Saturday, November 20, 2010

August Beach Time and 7 years strong!


   August 10, 2003 to Forever


     This past August celebrates our 7th anniversary!   We are so thankful for the bond and commitment we have in each other!  What’s even more exciting to me is that we have been at each other’s side for the past 13 years.  God certainly knew what he was doing when he placed that feeling in my heart as I looked out my Boreman South window to see Matt and all the St. Albans boys hanging out their dorm windows.  That moment changed my life forever even when I didn’t know it.  Now years later, through loss, challenges and joy; here we are at each other’s side.  I know that Matt is the man I will be sitting on the front porch with, sipping lemonade and watching our grandchildren play… as Matt adds, with or without his teeth.



    For our anniversary, we went on a loooong awaited trip to North Myrtle Beach.  We were hoping to have Matt’s and my family together there also for a couple of days but due to some scheduling conflicts, only my parents were able to come.  The boys loved having Grandpa and Grandma there with us.  We did lots of playing at the condo’s water park and the boys went full force into the waves the moment we got there.  God gave us the most amazing rainbow for our arrival!



We didn’t care if we had been in the car almost 7 hours, we were going to the beach!




            Daddy’s turn…


Somehow, we always think we can beat the waves!


Ahhh, the waves always win,


Andrew’s still racing!


The sheer enjoyment of God’s playground…I mean, look at that face!


After some much needed rest, the second day Grandma and Grandpa came up from central Myrtle and spent the day at the water park in our resort – Kingston’s Plantation.  The older generation soaked up the shade and the younger soaked up the sun.  After numerous applications of sunscreen, and later burning, we learned a lesson from the shade-seekers.  I am sure this lesson will be soon forgotten!


What a handsome man!





First slide of the day…  Andrew.


Here comes Ryan…


Get Daddy wet Ryan!


What a fun place!  We could’ve stayed forever…


But it was time for the beach!




     That night, Grandma and Grandpa took us out to dinner at the Pier 14 Restaurant, which is a place with years of history.When I was little, we always stayed at the Yachtsman Glass Tower and behind that is the Pier and Pier 14 Restaurant.  We ate here every year since I was 13 years old.  So when Matt and I started dating, we went to Myrtle every year, and would eat at the Pier 14 Restaurant.  There was an awesome little guitar player there that would take requests and Matt and I would always dance to our first OFFICIAL song, “Angel Eyes” by the Jeff Healey Band.  From that 1st year on, the same guy was there, and always remembered us and our song.  We would return every year and he would be there to play our song to dance to.  We even carved “Matt and Jenny” on the pier, 6th seat on the right.  When we went this time it had been 3 years since we had been back to Myrtle and inquired about our musician.  He is having health problems and just this season was unable to perform.  We were so bummed, but most of all request your prayers for his health and rapid recovery from whatever is ailing him.  Hopefully next year, our prayers will be answered.  We still had an awesome time with that nostalgic feeling to pass to our children.



This is where I get it!!!


And there it is…the infamous Pier 14, seat #6 on the right!


Did I mention I was blessed?  Just look at them!


Walking on the strand…


Broadway at the Beach


It was EXTREMELY hot!


And the boys got their first big boy LIDS hats!  Andrew’s to this day sits to the right, maybe his head is crooked…


Ryan had his first funnel cake, Matt’s favorite.  Look at the happiness in Daddy’s eyes!


We all agreed the State Fair Snack Shop was the best…


We could have had one of everything!



I think these fish would rather have eaten the boys….they were HUGE!


After this, the heat had been enough…the boy’s coping skills were officially gone.


Our Perfect Evening

One of the nights we went to the beach at about 6pm and had a great time.  The weather was perfect, the boys were perfect and my husband, as always, was perfect!  We got some great pics!





Daddy and son, what a beautiful sight!





And it all had to end with some sandy fun!



    It’s moments like these that make us look at each other and know what God’s plan is for us.

     Our last night was sad since we were leaving, but we enjoyed each other and that, we get to have everyday. 

     Dinner at the seafood buffet on the other hand was not what is was cracked up to be.     

     Andrew was over it!


No smiles from Ryan…



Daddy always makes us smile!


We all had a great time this year and want to most of all thank Grammy and Peepaw for the week at the condo, just wish you could’ve been there with us.


     Goodbye beautiful wave filled nights…


     Goodbye condo…


…and goodbye fabulous balcony.


Hello weeks of peeling faces, see you next year 8 years strong!