Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Ryan turns 9…at the Georgia Dome!



Given the choice of a party or a Falcon’s game for his birthday this year, Ryan without a doubt chose the Falcon’s game! 

This little, or shall I say BIG 9 year old loves sports as much as his Daddy!  And we just love him as much as he loves sports…well…more!  This year was a bit different though since we had little Lily, so Mommy, Andrew, and Lily stayed behind and Ryan got some excellent Daddy/Son time!  Here’s the ecstatic birthday boy with some birthday money.


While the big boys were at the game, my cousin Lois came to visit and discuss the next family reunion and Andrew was soooo happy he got to stay home with her!


I was proud of Matt, he got some pictures of the game which I wanted so I could see how much fun they had…all I needed was some field pics and I got them!






Ryan also got some cool stuff for his birthday…but the big gift was the game!


Cinnamon rolls on his birthday morning…


…and kisses from Lily!


What could be better?  Except maybe my morning outfit wrapped in a blanket skirt?

Regardless, I recently did a post on our sweet Ryan and seeing him grow so quickly is enough to make a Mommy and Daddy crazy!  I am starting to realize how truly fast these boys are growing, and how soon they will be on their own.  But I’m confident in their abilities even now to follow their Heavenly Father’s whisper to do what he has planned for them!  I see choices being made daily in his heart between right and wrong and a majority of the time it is the first!  We are all still learning to love and heed God’s voice in our lives, keep the Holy Spirit at the forefront, and love like our Savior Jesus Christ taught us to love!  Even at this young age, Ryan amazes me with his discernment and devotion to his Lord.  Most mornings, we don’t even have to ask him to do his devotions…he has already done it…because he wants to.  So buried under all that sports loving, chicken eating (he get it from his Daddy), and sibling rivalry with his brother, God is working on something amazing and Matt and I are so thankful to be blessed to watch!