Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Friday, February 28, 2014

The boys first WVU game…can I say jealous?


I know most of these posts are totally out of order, but I really wanted the long overdue introduction of Miss Sophia to come before any others I worked on so bear with me! 


    A couple of weeks before Sophie arrived, Grammy and Peepaw took the boys to their first WVU football game…and first (that they are able to remember) airplane ride.  It gave Matt and me some much needed alone time, and by alone time I mean with a very energized 2 year old…haha! 

   The boys were thrilled and were jumping out of their skin most of the month leading up to the game and they even posed for lots of pics…because it wasn’t mommy holding the camera I’m sure.  Here’s a recap of the boys and their grandparents in heaven…Almost Heaven!

Here they are arriving in Pittsburgh.  Sooooo excited

the boys in pittsburg-001

We had asked Grammy to take them around the campus and of course show them where Mommy and Daddy met…the infamous Boreman South dorm where Matt would serenade me singing after coming home from going out with “the guys” every night!  Oh those days…I love them but I love these even more. That hubby of mine continues to find ways after almost 17 years to make me feel special!  Wouldn’t trade him in for the world!  Ok, enough mushiness, back to the game!


Here’s the crew….Peepaw, little Ryan, Grammy, Andrew, Big (uncle Ryan) and Lincoln

Once at the game, we thought the boys would have fun tailgating. Oh no, they were there to watch a game and they were NOT going to miss any part of it, so Grammy took them in and they were one of the first spectators I think judging the empty seats! 

wvu game

I’m not sure who the photographer was in this pic, looks like I could’ve been there wielding the camera, but I think the goal was to get the peeps in with the field.


After the game, the boys wanted to stay and thank goodness they did, they hung over the wall and Ryan got to high five Bruce Irvin who just couldn’t stay away from Mo’town!  Needless to say, that, I think was the highlight of their day!

Grammy and Peepaw returned the boys in one piece and happier than pigs in mud and we thank them so much for such a treat for both the boys and us getting to hear about their experience.  Oh and they said they want to go to every game next year…I think if they get fulltime jobs today, they could afford it by football season.  Now if we lived there, it would be a different story. 

But 2014 ‘bama game…we are THERE!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Minnie Celebration:Lily’s 2: part 2


lily birthday


Finally at the end of September we were able to share our joy of our beautiful little Lily turning 2!  This Minnie party was not so “mini” especially for a 9 month preggo, but it was super fun and we loved our friends and family being here for her.  Lily obviously is way into Minnie Mouse and I think I may have lost it if there was even one more Minnie decoration involved.  I did this party a little different and decided to TRY and make the decorations myself.  I am obsessed with Pinterest, and some of the ideas I found were just fabulous.  The best though, was her big present…a mommy transformed Minnie Mouse Cozy Coupe.  It took weeks to complete, but I am SOOOOO glad we did it.  I forgot to take a before picture, but the coupe initially was a yard sale find that had seen MUCH better days, now it’s the talk of the town!  Enjoy the pics!



Grammy’s fabulous plates!  Now aren’t these  better than store bought?


Nana couldn’t be here, but she made this awesome centerpiece…what talent!



All the party peoples!





Ryan was such a trooper and donned the Mickey ears for his sister!


Pin the bow on Minnie

Yes, I was seriously about to pop!




Oh and we can’t forget the best Mickey Mouse ear wearer, Cousin Liam!  Soooo Cute!





Andrew LOVES his baby cousin


And then of course it was present time…the boys just knew Lily would need help with those gifts!




And then the big reveal…incomplete (the ears were not placed on top yet) but it worked



The license plate…




Visiting time

Miss Katie and her “girl”




The grands


Grammy enjoying her little girl…Lily had gotten a dolly and me nightgown and HAD to change immediately.  So much for her party dress.


miss fancy pants

Demarcus…Ryan’s long lost twin!


Candace and Caden,

Such and beautiful woman inside and out!


Matt Daddy


Uncle Joe and Mr Liam




Miss Allie, our neighbor and friend


Pretty Maddy


Chole, one of our favorite neighbors, was even able to make an appearance after her volleyball tournament.


Andrew escaped most posed pictures, but I was able to catch him in the act a couple of times.  I guess it’s just the age.  I remember Ryan being the same way!


Bro in laws!


Lily and her biggest fans!  Yes I’m big, I know!  But wow, look at my hubby…he’s so HOT…no wonder we keep having babies…haha!


Uncle Billy


Then we played some more! As always, click on the pics to see them bigger!










Then we had to get out the many paints Lily got for her birthday.



All in all, it was a perfect day!  As always, perfect or not, we thank our Heavenly Father for his blessings over our family and friends and trusting us with this beautiful little girl.  Lily has the most entertaining personality of any little girl I have ever met which keeps us in giggles!  She is very strong-willed which will behoove her as she grows and as an adult, hopefully she will utilize that will to NEVER back down from her faith and trust in our God, Jesus Christ.  Some days I find myself secretly watching her play and talk and sing to herself in amazement.  She truly is a blessing from God and has brought so much joy to each and everyone of us including the boys. I just can’t believe how beautiful she is either!  Now that she is starting to talk much more it is fun to hear what she has been thinking all these months.  This is the little girl I have been practicing to play with since I was a little girl!  The best part?  I see Daddy love her the way he loves me!  What a beautiful thing to watch!

Happy birthday Liliana, the song is for you today!