Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update…still waiting…

So, we are still 9 months (38weeks and 2days) pregnant and patiently or not so patiently awaiting little Miss Liliana!  Any labor starting advice?  HaHa



                                        Picture 397


Fun stuff during our pregnancy…Andrew’s 6th Birthday

Well, Andrew is no longer a 5 year old, back in May, yes May, he turned 6 which one makes me really backed up on blogging and two a mommy of a growing baby!  I cannot believe our baby is getting to be a normal boy!  Maybe that’s why Miss Liliana is coming to make her appearance soon!

On his actual birthday 5/4/2011, we all went bowling together and the boys were quite talented!

Picture 029 

Quite the face…he takes after his Daddy’s funny faces!

Picture 004

Andrew was very competitive with the scoring computer!  What a precious little 6 year old!

Picture 035

Ryan and Andrew were so excited, they weren’t too competitive with each other…

Picture 030

Then it was time to get their game on!

Picture 032

Penalty…excessive celebration…haha

Picture 040

Look at Ryan’s form…

Picture 044

These boys really know how to celebrate a good roll…yes photographer friends the picture is VERY washed out!

Picture 031

But Daddy always out does us all!

Picture 039

The happy parents with one in the oven…still morning sick but loving time with my boys!

Picture 033

What a beautiful set of boys!  I am so thankful to God for them! They truly keep me going!

Picture 046

Mommy and her little man…

Picture 036

How old are you Andrew?

Picture 041

After bowling, we got to go to have pizza together and boy was it good!  Andrew’s favorite…this joint still used the red cups like the Pizza Huts in WV did!

Picture 052

They take after Mommy and Daddy with their love of pizza!

Picture 048

We always love our 6 & 7 year old photographers…they are always good to catch Daddy and Mommy together…or is it that we are just always together?  I like to think it’s the latter.

Picture 050

The next day, Andrew got a MUCH needed haircut at his fav…Sports Clips and looks a little less like a mullet wearer.  He was so excited for the planned friend/family birthday after we did a little stocking up that he was ready to pack the goodie bags that evening!

Picture 053

He even wrote everyone’s name on the each bag so that the boys and girls wouldn’t get mixed up!  That’s the amazing thing…God created each of us so individually…Andrew could do things like this all day and takes 100% pride and responsibility for it.  Ryan, of the same two parents, would easily bore of this and decided to study his globe for the population of the 10 most populated cities in Spain.   We are all so different yet all crave the love of our Father and Savior!

     He almost places spouses together to be opposite in all the right places so that our shortcomings are filled by our partners strengths and if we don’t realize or embrace that fact, we could lose the one person God chose for us…thank you Matty for never losing that understanding!

Picture 054

The morning of Andrew’s big party, the boys had soccer games and cousin Mad and Mikey were able to come to both!   Here’s the superstars at their best:

Picture 086 

Picture 096

Picture 073


Notice both Andrew and Ryan at their best has nothing to do with the games they played, won, or lost, but the friends they made and their behavior while on a team.  We were really proud of these little (or not so little) ones!   Now here’s some awesome action shots!  Go Eagles and Boars!


Picture 094


Picture 087

Picture 091





…and of course…DADDY



Then it was COUSIN TIME!  Andrew loves being admired!

Picture 084

Whatever Madeline does…Ryan does.  Whatever Ryan does…Andrew does.  Whatever Andrew does…Mikey does.  I thing we have a pattern here…who’s Lily going to follow?  Mikey, the pressure is on!

Picture 078

Cutest picture of Mikey EVER!

Picture 081

Madeline is such a good helper…she has always herded our boys around and they will follow!  I am so proud of the young lady you are growing into!

Picture 075

I hope Matt and I have instilled into these boys how much love God has to give us and how that love is expressed by his SON and the family he blesses us with!  I love our family both immediate and extended!

SNEAK PEAK…the BIG PARTY…coming soon…

Picture 115