Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Andrew turns 7…oh my!

If you haven’t noticed, springtime is full of birthdays in our family which is so exciting because the weather is just starting to warm up giving us lots of choices for parties!


Andrew’s first party was at Grammy’s house on his actual birthday.  He had decided to wait until our neighborhood pool opened in the middle of May to have his friend party.

Grammy did awesome on the Mario cake!



Andrew has just started realizing that people “pose” for pictures…this one is my favorite!


Of course there were gifts…and as usual, too many!




I think all the boys were excited for the ninjago plane!  We have become quite obsessed with Ninjago around our house and of course, you can’t find them ANYWHERE!


We finally broke down and got the slushy magic and it really does work!


Ryan was so excited to give Andrew the Ninjago sticker book he had gotten him…and he LOVED it!


I mean, really loved it!


These are the times we want to remember forever!



Ryan, I am your father!


Lily thought her old but new toy was fabulous also!  She’s had it for a while, but had not played with it since she started sitting up which created a whole new vantage point.


No doubt, they all LOVE Grammy!




We had to try out the Slushy Magic the very next day and it worked!  How does it work…well it’s snowflake science of course!


Oh, this amazing young soul God has given us is yet another year older! When I think of his life, I am reminded of  the days when Matt and I were not sure he would even make it into this world.  Then I think of the times when we weren’t sure he would survive his first days in this world.  We worried, but if we only would have had the faith and knowledge of Christ that we do now, we would’ve known that God would take care of this little boy and give us strength!  At 2 years of age, Andrew went through a major lung surgery that we could not imagine enduring as adults!  But still, God was there protecting him!  And yet, it took us another year to truly understand and except His power. 

Now, when Andrew wakes up every morning and walks in our room to hug us, we realize that this child’s life had a plan and the first part of it was to break our spirits enough to NEED CHRIST!    I thank God every time I look at his back where he still sports a huge but faint thoracotomy scar for trusting us with this child and his issues.  Without them, we wouldn’t have had him or our beginning yearnings for the Holy Spirit!  All of the crisis in our lives together have ended up bringing us closer to Him…

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  

Romans 8:28

A little trip down memory lane…





And he was wonderfully made by our Creator…


Lily turns 8 months

We just cannot believe how fast this precious time with our little Lily is growing up!  Every time we turn around, it’s time to take more monthly pictures.  Can’t we just freeze her for a while?


I cant seem to get her to stay still any longer!



…and then she was done!


I am thinking that once she learns to crawl, we’ll be getting lots of pics of her bum!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homeschool trip to the Georgia Aquarium with Mommy and Touch a Truck with Daddy


So, back in April, our homeschool group took a trip to Homeschool day at the Ga.  Aquarium.  Matt had to work that day, so it was just the kids and me…we sure did miss Matty!

We could’ve spent hours in front of the big tank, I’m not sure what Lily though those things were, but she loved it!


Then again, they all did!



She was amazed!


I really think Ryan’s favorite part was the pizza…haha


The penguins of Madagascar…


The boys also got to go “behind the scenes to have a tour.  I had to stay out because little ones were not allowed, but they said they got to see the top of the humongous aquarium which is the length of a football field.  I did not realize it was that big!  They also learned about what each of the fish like to eat, the food chain, and camouflage/mimicry.  The day was great, but we definitely were missing a big part…Daddy!

Then, I had to work/sleep and the boys headed over to Touch a Truck for some boy time another day!   I loved seeing the pics.  Ryan thought it would be for “little” boys, but he learned quickly that it was really cool.  He even won hot potato and got a prize…and yes, there were even boys bigger than him there!

Touch A Truck


They think they’re tough!


They were driving “to defeat the other country’s army!”



Andrew was driving “underwater to Australia and Hollywood”


He looks like my Grandma VanCamp driving all up on the wheel.


The Sherriff of Cherokee County…


Tow-Mater on steroids!


I wish we could have all been there, but I think that is may have been more special with just Daddy!  Either way, I missed them!

Lily sure was happy when we were back together again!



She has us all wrapped!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Daddy’s real birth-day…


So on Matty’s actual birthday, we had our own little celebration.  I was planning on waiting until dinner to do all the hoopla, but the boys just couldn’t wait!  So right when we woke up, we had gifts for him to open.

Apparently, he doesn’t know how to open his gifts right, Andrew insisted on helping haha!


Then Ryan had to inspect the situation!


Who can get the closest to Daddy?  It’s a toss up!  This was when the boys were giving him the cross keychain that they had picked out for him!


So, when you hit your 30’s, sometimes the funniest things bring joy.  Matt had been through about 3 cheap hole puncher and fought 3 broken hole punchers.  It was time for the mac daddy 10+ sheet hole puncher…and I think he was excited.  I’m not quite sure what Ryan was thinking other than, “that’s a birthday present, REALLY?”


Daddy’s other birthday present?  The boys did some manual labor digging a hole at the back of the fence to get it ready for a sunflower garden…maybe it was more a gift for me!


I was so proud of how hard they worked!  I knew they were strong enough!


Then they got a little carried away and went to the bald spot in the yard and dig a hole to China…um…not so much a birthday gift!


Boy, were they proud of that hole!


Our teeny little strawberry patch is producing…for the clever little chipmunks and bunnies…ugh!


Oh well, it’s still so much fun to eat a couple that don’t have teeth marks in them!


And boy are they good!

Here’s to being 33 and getting hole punchers for your birthday!

We love you always Matt-Daddy!