Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

…Andrew too? What did I do to deserve this?



 IMG_0085 (2)

I think a very hot place just froze over because on the same day, Andrew also was all smiles and poses.  Here’s our middle child with his handsome freckles!  This little one is going to be the best Daddy…he is so good with Lily…unless of course he wants to hold her and she wants down.  Then not so much.  Now Andrew, without saying, is a spitting image of his Daddy at this age minus the freckles.  My favorites?  The gap between his teeth and his chin…and the fact that he is our miracle from God!  I still cannot decide what I have done to be blessed with everything I’ve ever wanted…an amazing husband and three beautiful relatively compliant children.  Hey, James Dobson always says it’s the strong willed children that are the ones that will stick with their convictions and not care what anyone else thinks.  Now its our job to help them find their convictions in CHRIST!

Finally, some Ryan pics…



Our MIA son was finally captured dressed and smiling for a picture…take a good look…I’m sure it will be a long while before he will pose for me again.

IMG_0081 (2)

He’s so handsome and photogenic, but tell that to a 9 year old boy…he’s too busy playing basketball or studying an Atlas!  Good thing he got his Daddy’s good looks and skin color.  During the summer everyone asks me if his Daddy is foreign cause his skin is so olive colored, but I just think to myself, no, he’s from heaven.  As I tell him all the time, he’ll always be my first baby and he always tells me he wants as many sisters and brothers as the Duggars!  If he only knew how late in the game Matt and I are for that but 3 for right now will do until God choses differently!

IMG_0080 (2)

I know one day he will make some girl very happy as the leader of their home led by God!  But for now, he doesn’t even want to think about girls…yay for us!  And the best part, every once in a while, he will still snuggle up to me on the couch like he can’t get close enough…I know those times won’t last forever!

Who says mommy can’t handle it all?

IMG_0067 (2)

To be honest, without the constant love of my Matt and eternal salvation of my Heavenly Father, I couldn’t handle anything!  But thank the Lord I will never have to!

This “mom” outfit is dedicated to you Miss Katie!  Haha!

Water, water everywhere!


So, way back in November, as Lily was learning to drink from a sippy cup, she was able to get a big laugh from the boys when she spit it back out on herself.  As hard as it was to watch Andrew and Lily make a total mess, Matt and I allowed the party to ensue.  With all the fun, I have to say, Lily continued to do this every time we gave her something to drink for weeks after…but look how much fun they had:

IMG_0039 (2)

IMG_0035 (2)IMG_0036

IMG_0034 (2)IMG_0023 (2)

IMG_0038 (2)

Oh those crazy kids…we love them so much!