Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fall Basketball

     The boys really wanted to play some basketball this fall/winter and we wanted to watch them play in some sort of organized sport.  Luckily, First Baptist Church of Woodstock just down the road offers Upward Basketball which pairs the fundamentals of the game along with biblical morals, verses, and attitude.  They were very excited, not to mention Matt’s excitement to live vicariously through them.  I tried to talk him into coaching their teams, but maybe that will be something tackled next year.    Ryan’s team was the Bobcats and Andrew’s the Cougars.  They LOVED the whole experience! We LOVED the whole experience!  It was worth every minute!  Andrew wanted to help make a little picture to show his pride!  Ryan…not so interested…in the scrapbook picture that is!


             Ryan on tryout/uniform day…WHOA, that boy needs a haircut!


Evaluations: Ryan



Evaluations: Andrew



The Proud Daddy…  



      GAME TIME…




Unfortunately, the gym the games were in was painted black and our camera did not agree with the lighting so the action pictures of the game were not very good.  Most of our pictures are of us in the stands watching the other boy play their game…

Here’s Matt and Andrew watching Ryan play.


Watching Andrew’s game…


There are many more pictures of dark figures, but again, it’s very difficult to see anything.  I will post some more of the games when we open the picture on the other computer.  Still working on catching up on 2010…don’t everyone laugh @ once!  There are so many wonderful things going on right now, we want to tell!  As always, we are thankful to God for all of these blessings and each other!