Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Monday, January 10, 2011

September - Our first baby (our niece) turns 9!

   Our niece, Madeline, turned 9 years old this month! We can’t believe just yesterday she was humming as she drank her bottle to nap and crying “Don’t take my baby cousin” to the nurse who was taking Ryan to the nursery to bath him after he was born.  She has been his “caretaker” ever since.  We joke that she has become the Pied Piper to Ryan and Andrew… What she says goes –and as Aunt Amy always says “Monkey see, monkey do!”  We are just trying to figure out how they became monkeys. ha ha.   Sooooo…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE! – you’ll always be my first baby!



She wasn’t born with red eyes…promise.

Madeline had a great get together at Joe and Amy’s house with lots of water, balloons, and kids.  It didn’t matter if the water slide popped within 5 minutes of the party starting! It became a fabulous slip and slide!



Makeshift rickshaw



The boys friend Brett also had his birthday that weekend and the same crew was seen having fun @ Monkey Joes.  Happy Birthday Brett Brett!


Some friendships last forever!  Brett and Ryan


Drew Drew stood still just long enough for a picture.  That is usually very difficult at Monkey Joes!


Even Michael found a friend.   We didn’t have the heart to tell him he was made of plastic!


And for fun, I am starting a new addition to the blog called “Matt’s Funny Face Gallery” Apparently, anytime I want to get a picture of Matt by himself, he hams it up right before I snap!  Don’t worry, there will be PLENTY more throughout our regular posts! And I have some oldies but goodies from our past 13 years together!


The ride home was safe and we were glad to be back in Atlanta, if we could just talk Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe to moving back!  Darn traffic!

Who wouldn’t love to come back home to this peeping over their fence!  Ethan and Andrew waiting for our boys!  Looks like our boys may be the new Pied Pipers in town!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

September…so many fun things!

   September 2010 was quite eventful for us and will probably have to be captured in a couple posts or it will become the longest post EVER! And for the boys, what better way is there to start something big than with some monster trucks:


     We went with Aunt Megan and Uncle Billy to Grammy & Peepaw’s club for dinner and after ensued a fabulous dance party!

Here’s Ryan doing the robot


And “Big A” doing what he does best…


They had us laughing so hard we were in tears!

             Braves Game…

God’s Greatest Gifts… Matt, Ryan, and Andrew




Enjoying the heat…I mean the game…


We had some visitors that weekend too.  Matt’s Uncle Rick and Aunt Marie and their son, our cousin Connor, came to take in the ballgame too.  Our boys really look up to Connor and thank goodness he was rooting for the right team!  Uncle Rick on the other hand was pulling for the Cardinals…What?  Well we let him sit with us anyways.  Just kidding!  We were so happy to have them and so blessed to have the boys together.  Uncle Rick and Aunt Marie are such a Godly influence for Matt and I it was wonderful for all of us to get to talk…after the game of course!




     It rained enough to cool us off and the best part was the rainbow afterwards.  It’s the most beautiful promise:


Boy, they can talk Grammy into buying them anything…


We had Uncle Rick and Aunt Marie, Uncle Bill and Aunt Megan, Grammy and Peepaw, and Connor with us.  Here are the big Ireland boys…our boys are so much like them when they were little Grammy says…


Peepaw’s rule of thumb…no matter where you are and who is playing, represent WVU! 


Braves win… but I’m the real winner.  God has given me such a wonderful husband, and to think, he’s still a work in progress!  If I didn’t know Gods plan for us all, I would think he was perfect already.  Thank you Lord for your continual grace.