Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cousin Madeline and Michael meet Liliana

Liliana, Ryan, and Andrew had their first visitors the day after she came home…

Cousin Madeline and Michael couldn’t wait…I can see why!  Oooh she’s so cute!

Picture 253

Michael feeding his new baby, giving Aunt Jenny a break.  I wonder what he’s really thinking. 

Picture 260

How about another one Uncle Joey?

Picture 263

And Madeline LOVES her new cousin…at first she didn’t want a girl because she wanted to be the only girl.  I think she has changed her mind!

Picture 266

Everyone wanted to feed her…she was not as thrilled with the formula or bottle!

Mommy gets her chance!

Picture 270

Another one for the funny face album…I’m not sure if he’s just being funny or going CRAZY with 3 children!

It’s the former, Matty can handle ANYTHING!  My hero…

Picture 269

We sure do miss the Bobbitt’s when they leave, but this time we had little Lily to entertain us!

He can’t keep his eyes off her…

Picture 280

She could do nothing and we would be amazed…

Picture 277

She’s already opening her eyes for those cool big brothers!

Picture 282

It’s official!  The Ireland Family is in LOVE…

who wouldn’t be?  Look at that face!

Picture 275

Liliana Faith is here: Part 3

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Matt laid hands on Lily and prayed for her healing as she grunted to breathe.  By that evening, she was resting quietly on her belly and all her vitals were stable with no more grunting.  God had healed our little girl and we got to hold her…YEAH!

Picture 127

Picture 125

Picture 123

Picture 120

By 5am on the 3rd, the NICU nurse surprised us by wheeling in our precious little girl.  She was doing better and we would get to take her home, but on an apnea monitor.

Picture 137

Daddy & his little girl…

Picture 139

Now this is one HAPPY mommy!

Picture 133

I think she’s happier in our room!

Picture 152

The boys sure were!

Picture 154

Grammy loving on Lily…

Picture 163

Picture 216

Uncle Billy and Aunt Megan meet Lily…

Picture 161

The boys get to hold her…FINALLY!

Picture 174

The most beautiful, innocent love!

Picture 167

They were enamored…

Picture 175

…but I think Daddy was the most in love!

Picture 208

Picture 192

One of my bestest friends, and next door neighbor Katie came and got some Lily love!  She also did a fun little photo shoot in the room!

Picture 204




She does a FABULOUS job!  There will be lots more from her….trust me!

Going home day fell on WVU’s first football game of the season, so Lily had to dress up!

Picture 210

She wasn’t too interested, but that will change too!  She is an Ireland you know!

Picture 222

That night it was finally time to go home…


All ready in her car seat!

Picture 234


Picture 235

Picture 236

Such proud big brothers!

Picture 237

What a beautiful end to a miraculous weekend! 

Picture 244

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  James 1:17

We thank you God for all of your blessings…but today, we are thankful for these Godly children and the love you gave us to make them! AMEN

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Liliana Faith is here…part 2

After some time in triage, I was admitted to L & D to have a baby…YEAH!

Picture 066

Our labor room looked like a hotel…

Picture 067

After 6 hours, it was time to push…

Picture 077

We were soooo happy!

Picture 074

Alright, let’s do this!

Picture 078

After 3 contractions, we had a beautiful little girl

Picture 081

Picture 086

God’s perfect example of the love of two people!  It still amazes me what a miracle children are…we could have ten more and would still be astonished at the miracle of life!

Very soon thereafter, we realized she was having difficulty breathing, the NICU nurses and respiratory therapists checked her out.

Picture 083

They allowed us to hold her for a couple of seconds, then whisked her away to the NICU…we were terrified but trusted the Lord to protect her!

Picture 088

Matt had dibs on the camera so the only picture we got of first was of me…I make up for it later-trust me

Picture 095

Matt sat there with pure faith while they worked on her, he is my rock and my angel!  He kept me calm.

Picture 093

I was so happy they allowed Matt to go with Lily to the NICU, I wanted her to know and hear our voices immediately…probably best she heard his first, my sister tells me I’m loud!

Her new little nest in the NICU…

Picture 096

It was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to endure  looking at that empty bassinet, but we knew they were taking good care of her!

Picture 099

Eventually, we crashed…

Picture 101

Picture 103

The boys meet their sister…

Grammy and the boys came early that afternoon and were surprised Lily wasn’t there, we explained what happened and they couldn’t wait to see her.

The NICU staff allowed the boys to visit Lily for 10 minutes, but they were not allowed to touch her…they were in love at first sight!Picture 106

Picture 107

Grammy gets her girl…

Picture 108

Once my legs came back after the epidural, I was able to wobble to see her…FINALLY!  I say wobble because I really couldn’t feel my legs yet but I was able to wobble to the wheelchair and fake it for the nurse!  I just couldn’t wait to see her!

Picture 109

There’s just nothing like a Daddy’s girl!

Picture 112

We didn’t see any of the wires, just one perfect little life that God had trusted us with!

Picture 110

To be continued…