Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ryan’s 7th Birthday (family party)

      Our sweet man Ryan turned 7 y/o in November and had such a great party/celebration we couldn’t move on without sharing!  We had his family party at Grammy’s house the day after Thanksgiving and Ryan got some really special gifts!  Thanks Grammy, Peepaw, Billy and Megan!  Especially Megan’s early Black Friday trip for the basketball hoop!


7 years ago, God placed this child in our arms giving us the joy and responsibility of raising him in the way he shall go.  All of our sacrifices, love, time, and prayer have already repaid us tenfold!  We love you so much and are so proud of you and your Godly character!


Precious Andrew had just as much fun as Ryan on his birthday!  He did not show one sign of jealously, just joy for the fun and new toys he would be able to play with too!


What a perfect day for some Mountaineer Football…




Lots of random activity going on in this pic…


WVU’s toughest fan… crazy Andrew!


And now… it’s party time!




Ryan had just realized that he had a basketball hoop waiting behind him the whole time.  Now it was time for hugs of thanks…




And the best part…playing with the toys!  Andrew jumped in right after this!


Once we got home, Daddy worked til the hoop was done…we just wished it was warm enough to play outside.  We all learned some patience.


As you can see, Ryan was a HUGE help too!


We all wanted to be in the garage with Daddy.


Almost done…


Dr Seuss was REALLY popular that night!


The finished product…just a little too tall to stand upright in the garage!  There will be plenty of pictures of it in the warmer months!



All this and Ryan hasn’t even had his friend party yet…wow!

Thanksgiving 2010

Here are some quick memories from Thanksgiving this past fall…keep posted…some exciting posts are coming!  We celebrated holiday at Grammy and Peepaw’s with Aunt Megan and Uncle Billy(Matt’s brother) and had lots of fun.  The boys had an all boy football game on the golf course out back after the meal…the girls just chilled!

boys thanksgiving

Tommy the turkey even came to be eaten…Andrew and I made him after Ryan’s Snips and Snails class at Timothy served his brother…haha!

thanksgiving turkey

Where’s the peace signs Peepaw?

thanksgiving brad

Uncle Billy and Aunt Megan…

thanksgiving billy and megan

Grammy and Ryan during our “Thankful” time

grammy and ryan

The boys after the big game. Two generations of brothers…


Girl chill time…













The boys LOVED one of Aunt Megan’s apps that recorded their voices and played them back in “cat talk”


Still thankful everyday for the man that God placed in my life to be my partner forever!  I don’t think anyone could be happier!  He is the best father and husband that a woman could ever pray for,  thank you Lord for our blessings!

still in love