Living the life God intended...

Living the life God intended...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The 3” blizzard that shut down the ATL



Anyone alive in the past 6 months has heard of the huge shutdown/gridlock of Atlanta and suburbs this January.  Well, embarrassingly, we too were stuck.  The boys had gone to their enrichment classes that morning and by 1000 am, they had been cancelled.  These classes are held at First Baptist of Woodstock which is about 20miles from our home now in Kennesaw.  So when the snow hit the fan, we were in the middle of it.  Granted I’m from the north and have driven in much more snow than this, I have to say it was the slipperiest snow I have every experienced.  Anything over 5 miles an hour and I was fishtailing but of course that was not the problem because we were at a complete standstill a majority of the time.  So 6 hours from the starting point, Matt walked a couple miles to meet us and rescue this damsel in distress!  Once we were home, it was all fun and games.  Here are the kiddos ready to play in less than 20 degree weather.IMG_1088

We girls opted for a fishbowl view of the fun for most of the time since we had Miss Sophie, but Lily was a trooper for about 2 minutes.




Within a day, weather was in the 40’s and our snow was gone!

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